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06 Nov, 2017



Vic Phillips is one half of SingleMaltTeapot along with fiance Samantha Wheeler. During their pursuit of their own take on The Good Life Vic can generally be found with an axe or knife in hand and wood chippings gathering at his feet. Working with sections of wood that would otherwise find themselves as scrap he designs and carves spoons, knives and other items for the home that combine traditional techniques with contemporary styling. Guided by the slopes and curves of the grain he looks to continue the narrative of something that has grown over potentially hundreds of years that may otherwise have reached it’s final chapter.

Away from the process of carving, Vic and Samantha run SingleMaltTeapot. A creative hub and blog that endeavors to bring together makers and creators with the aim of telling their stories and highlighting some of the amazing work of makers in the UK. They also tell the story of their journey as they cook, craft and explore their way in the countryside with the hopes of inspiring others to try new things in their own journey to The Good Life.

At the festival we look forward to Vic's spoon carving workshops where he will teach several different cutting techniques, giving you the chance to take away your own hand hewn cooking spoon.

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