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The Jwrnal Welsh Craft Tent

04 Sep, 2018

The Jwrnal Welsh Craft Tent


Showcasing makers from all corners of Wales - Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, Denbigh, Caernarfon, Pembrokeshire - the Jwrnal Welsh Craft Tent will host a wonderful line-up of people working with clay, wood, wool and paper using traditional methods in contemporary ways.

Expect wood turning, carving, weaving, felting, lino-cut printing, clay throwing, basket weaving (rush and willow) as well as silver jewellery making.

(Photo by Ben Bosworth)

The tent will become temporary studio spaces that makers will share. During the weekend they will take turns to demonstrate and discuss their craft with you. There’ll be four ‘studios’ in themes of clay, wood, wool and weave.

All this means that each time you visit the tent there is something different, and exciting, happening.

(Photo by Heather Birnie)

There will also be a selection of workshops to sign-up to throughout the weekend and a chance for everyone to have a go at making.

One such workshop will be the ‘Big Weave’ for all ages to take part in outside. Weaving is integral to Welsh history and culture as the Welsh woollen industry once made up the majority of industry and economy in Wales. This Big Weave is a large framed structure acting as a loom, where everyone can add to a giant weave throughout the weekend, resulting in one big finished piece.

​(Photo by Heather Birnie)

There’ll be a space selling products from each maker as well as printed Jwrnal #01. Jwrnal in print is a collaborative effort of over 40 makers & creatives from all over Wales. Aimed to tell stories and feature a variety of independent makers working in Wales. There’s weaving, wild swimming, supper clubs, mountains, recipes, lavender farming, stories, illustrations, clay throwing, Island living, wood whittling etc.

Jwrnal launched at TGLE17 in our Market Place alongside a collective of 16 makers, most of whom are retuning this year.

Jwrnal is currently a monthly newsletter (sign up here), with a first print edition coming soon! Look out for Jwrnal Presents evenings popping up in the months after TGLE - they're all aimed to share stories from makers and creatives in Wales.

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