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Slacklining Joins The Ranks!

06 Jul, 2018

Slacklining Joins The Ranks!


Slacklining is the art of balancing on a flat line of webbing, a strong fabric woven as a flat strip with varying widths and fibres. This webbing is used instead of rope and tensioned between two anchor points, making the experience differnt to classic tightrope walking. The nature of the webbing and its tension means that it is stretchy and bouncy, like a trampoline. 

Cameron and his team will be running Slack Line sessions in the mornings and afternoons on Saturday and Sunday at the bottom of the Strawberry Field. Come and have a go!

Our activities line-up just keeps on growing, as slacklinging now joins: axe throwing, archery, fire walking, wild swimming, tree climbing, bow & arrow making and so much more. Explore the full 2018 line-up here.

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