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Meet Your Official TGLE Canine Illustrator

05 Sep, 2018

Meet Your Official TGLE Canine Illustrator


Francis Martin is an artist, illustrator, author and dog lover. Hailing from London via Liverpool. He is a graduate of the brilliant Cambridge School of Art, with a Children’s Book Illustration MA.

"As a lifelong dog owner I have always enjoyed drawing pooches. It’s challenging drawing them from real life but I believe it’s a unique and special way to capture their moods and personality.

During the festival I shall be going around drawing dogs as I come across them. I shan’t be asking the dogs to pose... just be themselves. Some drawings may work and some may not but it’s important to me that the images are fresh and responsive. A reflection of dogs and an expression of the joy and spontaneity that they bring into our lives. During the festival I will be posting the pictures to Instagram so check every now and again.


Come over and have a chat if you see me around. I may have my pooch the super scruffy ‘Chip’ with me (I‘ll have to see how he copes with the artistic life.) Let me know your dog’s name and some interesting facts about her or him. I’ll note them down with the picture.

If you would like a copy of one of the pictures just let me know and when I get home I will sort out either an A3 or A4 glicèe print on art paper.
This will cost £80.00 for the A3 and £75 for the A4 prints. Plus postage and packing."

Francis' first book as an author has just been released on Simon and Schuster, called “Daddy Hairdo” and it’s fantastic.

Visist Francis' website here:
Or follow him on twitter @korkymaster

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