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29 Jan, 2018



Peckham-based social activist Joshua Coombes has been patrolling London’s streets for three years, offering a free haircut to any homeless person who wants one. The 30-year-old listens as he snips, noting the names and stories of individuals routinely ignored by society, then posting their mini-biography -and 'before' and 'after' pictures- on Instagram.'That’s why I begin every post with: ‘This is Stewart… this is Martin…’ Coombes says. 'That’s the first thing: let’s give them their identity back. Then I hit rewind and tell their story.'

The Devon-raised former punk guitarist launched a social media campaign, #DoSomethingForNothing, which encourages others to do as he’s done: give over something, anything, to help people less fortunate. He’s now active in 10 countries, hair-cutting while sofa-surfing, his tonsorial trips funded by non-profits, charities, and brands. Meanwhile, others have been inspired by #DoSomethingForNothing. Jade Statt, a Hertfordshire veterinarian, has launched Street Vet UK, which cares for homeless people’s dogs; Chris Leamy, a Wall Street banker by day, has an evening gig going out and playing guitar for homeless people; and Paul Avila distributes Walkmans and headphones to the inhabitants of Skid Row in downtown LA.

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We are excited to welcome Joshua to our 2018 speaking line-up at The Good Life Experience.

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Photo: Valerie Jardin

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